About Texas Star Community Management

About Texas Star Community ManagementAs one of the fastest growing community association management companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Greater Houston areas, Texas Star Community Management is redefining the field bringing an innovative philosophy to association management. Our growth has been strong, yet controlled. We understand that each community we manage has unique needs and goals that require a high degree of involvement and participation at all levels and in every aspect of the management process, we consistently analyze market strength and our company’s staffing needs.

Texas Star Community Management focuses on the community’s needs individually, with superior technical expertise, attention to detail, and a more personalized approach to the homeowner; as such, we understand the importance of providing the support our client’s needs demand. Our goal is to maintain a small business mentality while operating one of the fastest growing portfolios in the region.

Simple is Better!

Our strategy is simple. We focus on keeping things simple and being brilliant at the basics. We do what we say we will do. We keep our clients informed, we are accountable and we pay attention to the details. Our management teams are proactive, anticipating potential challenges and opportunities while implementing solutions that meet our client’s needs. We are consistent. We are dependable. We treat you as we like to be treated.


Our success has been a result of our ability to consistently understand and exceed client expectations. Consequently, we enjoy long-term client relationships and strong client loyalty. We go beyond standard business relationships, surpassing industry standards. We not only manage your properties, we work with you as a partner. We consider your success a part of our success.